Meeting Zombies

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Make your hybrid-meetings
come alive with Slido.

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Your toolkit for more
engaging meetings

  1. Give everyone a chance to ask their questions, whether they’re on mute or too shy to speak up. People can ask anonymously and vote for the questions they like, bringing the most important topics to light.

  2. Turn your one-way presentations into engaging conversations with live polls, word clouds or surveys. Ask what people think or how they feel and get their feedback in real time.

  3. Bring a bit of fun to your meetings or training sessions. Create a live quiz or trivia game and test people’s knowledge in an interactive way.

  4. Get valuable insights from your meetings with Slido Analytics. Find out how many people were engaged and export your questions or voting results for further analysis.

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  1. Want your meeting to be interactive? Set the tone right at the start. Ask a fun question to lighten the mood and watch as the responses fly in. A small chuckle or warm up is good for the brain!

    A person adding an answer to a wordcloud via smartphone while looking at the answers on a computer screen.
  2. Are your brainstorming sessions ... brainless? Let people contribute their ideas upfront. Not only will you save more time for the actual discussion, but you’ll also involve all the brains, including the silent ones and those in different time zones.

    A man smiling at the laptop screen.
  3. Unless you’re an expert on mind-reading, try the next best thing, live polls. Whenever you want to know what your participants think, fire a quick poll question, e.g., What do you think about our new strategy?

    Wait for the responses to come in and ask your team to comment on them. When you evoke discussion, people will feel heard and be more likely to participate.

    A person looking at poll results on a tablet.
  4. Become the best observer of your surroundings. If you notice someone unmuting, it’s a signal that they might want to contribute.

    Clear their path to active involvement by addressing them with their name, e.g., Sam, I’ve noticed that you unmuted yourself. Would you like to add something? It’s much easier for some people to speak up when you empower them.

    A woman unmuting herself on a videocall.
  5. Do you want to avoid the dead silence that usually follows “Any questions?” Play it safe and allow people to send their questions anonymously via Slido. This will help you uncover even the most dreaded issues and address anything that’s unclear head-on.

    A person submitting a question on AMA session via Slido Q&A feature.
  6. If your discussion drags on for hours and leads nowhere but to a dead end, make a quick resolution. Ask for the best way forward via a poll from all the voices on a call and make a democratic decision.

    A group of people on a videocall deciding on frequency of their team offsite via a poll.
  7. Just as your colleagues draw energy from engagement, you feed on feedback. Get your scoop before you end the meeting. Run a quick survey in Slido to learn what caught their attention and what didn’t and show that you care about their experience.

    Your feedback survey can look like this:
    1. How useful was this meeting? (star rating)
    2. Do you have any ideas for improvement? (open text)

    A person giving after-meeting feedback via Slido.

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Make your hybrid-meetings
come alive with Slido.

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