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Slido becoming a part of Cisco

As of May 2, 2021, s.r.o. (“Slido”) was acquired by Cisco Systems International B.V., with Cisco Systems, Inc. (together as “Cisco”) becoming our parent company.

We have joined forces with a leader in IT solutions that operates worldwide and adheres to strict standards of privacy and data protection. Cisco and Slido share a strong commitment to building and maintaining trust, reducing risk and simply doing what is right. This means your data remains in the best hands!

Please note that the provision of the Slido service is unaffected by the acquisition. Given that Cisco and its subsidiaries may process all customer data, we have put Standard Contractual Clauses in place together with other technical, organisational and contractual measures to safeguard any data transfers. We also continue to adhere to strict access control and confidentiality principles.

The privacy and security of your data will always be our priority. You can find out about our ongoing commitment to data privacy in our Privacy Commitment, in Cisco Online Privacy Statement and Cisco Trust Center.

We appreciate your business and ongoing interest in Slido. If you have any questions, please reach out to our legal team via