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Slido for education

Maximize the learning of your students

Keep your students engaged with live polls, quizzes and interactive Q&A, all without downloading apps or leaving your presentation.

Trusted by the world’s leading universities

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Check for understanding in real‑time

Use live polls or quizzes to check if your students are keeping up with the lecture. This will help you identify the points that need clarification and adjust your lesson accordingly.

Check for understanding in real-time.

Empower quiet students to ask questions

Remove students’ fear of asking questions in front of the class. With Slido, they can post questions anonymously from their phones and upvote the questions they like.

Empower quiet students to ask questions.

Collect feedback to improve your classes

Become a better teacher, one lecture at a time. Ask for feedback with simple surveys and see how your students vote and participate over time.

Collect feedback to improve your classes.

What you get from Slido for Education

Integration with your slides

Create polls, quizzes and Q&A within your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations.

Support for virtual classes

Integrate Slido with Microsoft Teams and engage students both online and in the room.


Make learning more fun with friendly competitions. Includes timer and leaderboard.

Special pricing

Get unlimited polls, quizzes and surveys with our special rates for teachers and professors.

Live polls & surveys

5 types of polls available: multiple choice, rating, open text, word cloud and survey.

Anonymous Q&A

Collect, display and analyze your students’ most pressing questions.

Ready to improve your

Get started for free or enjoy unlimited polls, quizzes and surveys for as low as 15 a month, paid annually.

Works with your favorite tools



Integrate Slido with your PowerPoint and present seamlessly using just a clicker.

Popular use cases

Find more examples in our ebook

Get our free guide with more tips on how to use live polls to make your lectures engaging and fun.

Find more examples in our ebook.

How it works

Unlock the full potential of
your lectures now.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for the EDU pricing?
If you are a professor or teacher with active teaching engagement in a school or university, you are eligible. EDU plans are also available for students. Our pricing will automatically detect your eligibility based on your email domain. Learn more about our criteria and review process.
How can I deal with irrelevant questions?
There are several ways to prevent your students from misusing the Q&A. You can encourage them to ask only relevant questions, or turn on the moderation to review the incoming questions before your students can see them. Alternatively, you can require people to sign in with their names.
Is the free version enough, or should I purchase a plan?
The free version allows you to use all of our core features. However, if you want to ask more than 3 poll questions per session, moderate the Q&A, create surveys or export your data, you’ll need to purchase the Professional plan.
Is my computer enough to run Slido?
Yes, you can run Slido directly from PowerPoint or Google Slides. If you want to run a separate Slido session, you can open Slido in your browser and display the Present mode.