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Slido for webinars

Engaging webinars from start to finish

Slido makes webinars feel more like a conversation and less like a monologue.

More than 750,000 satisfied customers worldwide, including

  • Suntory.
  • Glovo.
  • Oracle.
  • MongoDB logo.

Collect questions before the webinar

Start your Q&A with a list of questions prioritized by popularity. Slido lets you collect questions in advance and ensures you address the most important ones in the Q&A.

Collect questions before the webinar.

Turn silent listeners into active participants

Ask your audience who they are, what they think or what they want to learn. Live polls will help you create a live conversation in seconds and motivate people to interact.

Turn silent listeners into active participants

Easy to join and follow the discussion

From quick joining via a QR code or link to displaying the top questions on the presenter’s screen, Slido makes it easy for participants to understand which question is being answered.

Easy to join and follow the discussion.

One place from which to watch and interact

Create a distraction-free environment with our live video integration. Embed your YouTube, Vimeo or other live video link into Slido and let people watch and interact from the same tab.

One place from which to watch and interact.

Other handy features

External links

Easily share the extra materials and links with your participants via Slido.

Feedback surveys

Boost your response rate by collecting feedback while people are still on the webinar.


Get back to the unanswered questions or voting results for further analysis.

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How it works

Additional resources

How to use Slido for your webinar

Learn our best practices and tips for running successful webinars.

Make your webinar more interactive with Slido.

Frequently asked questions

Can I integrate Slido with my presentation?
Yes, you can. There are three ways in which you can do it, explained in detail in this video.
How do I get my participants to use Slido?
It’s important to introduce Slido at the beginning of your webinar to get the attendees on board. You can also run a warm-up poll to help them get into Slido easily. We’ve prepared a handful of documents that will help you get off to a great start.
What devices do I need to run Slido?
You need just your laptop and alternatively a smartphone to manage Slido. Your attendees don’t have to download or install anything - they can join via a link, or QR code or by going to and entering your event code.
What size of online audience does Slido support?
Slido supports from 100 up to 5,000 participants, depending on the plan. If you want to use Slido for more than 5,000 participants, please contact us to discuss the details.