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Live online surveys

Collect instant feedback from your
participants and visualize the results with
a simple survey tool.

28,200 surveys created
in the last month

Collect feedback with live
and self-paced surveys

Whether you want to get feedback on your presentation or take a pulse check of your team, Slido
surveys got your back. Collect input before, during or after your meeting and analyze the results
all in one place.

How it works

1. Create your survey

Prepare your survey in Slido and send it to your participants via a link.

2. Collect answers

Let people answer from their devices anonymously or with their names.

3. Analyze the results

Review the results in your Analytics and export them for further reference.

You can run surveys directly from

How you can use surveys

Get feedback on your meeting

Check the effectiveness of your meeting or training session with a quick survey.

Employee engagement survey

Keep track of how your team feels at work to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Run a project retrospective

Collect your team’s feedback when evaluating a specific project or a season.

Analyze the results in a breeze

Evaluating your survey is as easy as it gets. Download all the collected data in one click or simply share the results in a beautiful infographic.

With Slido, you can:

  • Track participation rate
  • Compare average scores over time
  • Discover deeper insights in open text polls

Collect instant feedback
with simple surveys.