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Create live word cloud polls

Spark a conversation with your audience by letting them generate a live word cloud.

57,800 word clouds created
in the last month

A person submitting their current city to a word cloud poll at all-company meeting.

Wow your audience with
interactive word clouds

Capture people’s thoughts and ideas in a beautiful word collage. Loved by presenters and
participants alike, the most popular answers grow dynamically as people submit them.

How it works

1. Create your Slido

Prepare your word cloud poll and have your participants join via a code or link.

2. Collect answers

Let people send answers from their phones or laptops in real time.

3. Show results

Share the screen with your participants and watch as the responses fly in.

You can run word clouds directly from

How you can use word clouds

Quick pulse checks

Find out how your participant feel before diving into your presentation.

Boost team morale

Find and acknowledge team members who would otherwise go unnoticed.

Generate ideas

Get everyone’s views when running a team meeting or a brainstorming session.

Extra features

Emoji support

Make your word clouds more colorful and fun by letting people answer with emojis.

Profanity filter

Slido will automatically block inappropriate words and emojis from your word cloud.

Custom themes

Match the word cloud to your presentation or brand colors with our custom themes.

Capture people’s thoughts in a
beautiful word cloud.