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Events and webinars

Explore our upcoming and past events to get practical ideas on using Slido and building
a great meeting culture.


24 October

WebexOne 2023

Join Slido at WebexOne to discover cutting-edge AI advancements and insights into mastering hybrid work. Learn about Slido’s potential to increase engagement and build trust and explore what other innovations the Webex Suite has in store for you.Duration: 60 min


10 October

From Set-up to Live: Run the Slido Q&A Like a Pro!

Join us to become a confident Slido user and seamlessly manage engaging Q&A sessions with leaders, teams or departments. We’ll show you step-by-step how to set up the Q&A and share best practices on how to navigate it effortlessly.Duration: 60 min


Getting Started with Slido

Using Slido for the first time? Learn how to get the most out of it plus tips and tricks on how to make your meetings and events more interactive.Duration: 35 min


Getting Started with Slido in Webex

Learn how to start using Slido in your Webex Meetings and Webinars - what Slido offers, how to prepare your meeting, and how to manage Slido within Webex. You'll also get a few engagement tips from us.Duration: 55 min


How to Engage Your Remote Audience

Running remote meetings can be challenging. Especially when it comes to how you engage and interact with your audience. Learn how to master your remote meeting or virtual event in our webinar.Duration: 45 min

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