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Use Slido in your slides + video call at the same time

Combine our presentation add-ons with online meeting integrations to create
a seamless, switch-free experience for both you and your participants.

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Polls and Q&A



Google Slides






Meeting tool

Popular use cases

Virtual training sessions

Team meetings

All-hands meetings

Why use two integrations together?

  • Everything in one window
  • Professional experience
  • Focus on your content

How to connect your presentation with a video call

1. Create your polls in PowerPoint or Google Slides

Download our free add-ons for PowerPoint or Google Slides and create your polls and Q&A directly from there.

Information icon.You can also add polls you created on

How to create a poll in presentation image.

2. Add Slido to your meeting tools

Navigate to the Apps section of your Webex, Teams or Zoom and follow the steps for adding Slido.

3. Choose the same Slido you created in your slides

Once you start your meeting, make sure to open the same Slido you created in your slides.

How to choose Slido image.

4. Screen share your presentation as usual

Start presenting and your polls will activate automatically for your participants as you present.

How to share screen image.

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