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Slido for hybrid meetings

Run inclusive hybrid meetings

Whether you’re returning to the office or working remotely, Slido gives you the right tools to make everyone feel included and engaged.

Colleagues looking at a screen while attending a hybrid meeting.

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Give everyone an equal chance to participate

Creating engagement in hybrid meetings is hard. People online struggle to join the conversation and the folks in the office can no longer ask questions from the comfort of the video call tool.

With Slido, everyone can participate equally wherever they are — through Q&A, live polls, quizzes, surveys and more.

  • Collect questions from all participants
  • Brainstorm ideas in one virtual space
  • Let people vote on topics they want to discuss

Use meetings to build connections and trust

The lack of face time with your remote workers might favor those in the office, so you need to be intentional about creating opportunities for interaction. Slido makes this easy.

  • Use icebreakers to include everyone in the informal talks
  • Run fun quizzes to get to know each other better
  • Discuss important topics live so no one is left behind

Continue the conversation offline

Slido is not just an in-meeting tool — you can use it for asynchronous communication too. Whether you want to include teammates from different time zones or work with the collected data, we’ve got you covered.

  • Gather input before or after your meeting via a link
  • Check your engagement stats in Analytics
  • Export your data and reply to unanswered questions in writing

Works with your favorite tools

Run inclusive hybrid meetings
with Slido.