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Slido for remote meetings

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Give your remote colleagues a voice with an easy-
to-use Q&A and polling platform. Now with simple
tools that are just a click away.

Trusted by over 750,000 customers worldwide, including

  • Suntory.
  • Glovo.
  • Oracle.
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Make everyone part of the discussion

People always have questions, but remote participants are often scared to interrupt the conversation. With Slido, everyone can submit questions from their devices at any time, allowing you to see what’s on their minds without interrupting the flow.

Make everyone part of the discussion.

Engage your remote team during meetings

For people joining online, it’s easy to get distracted. Live polls and quizzes are an effective way to pull them back in and check if they are following, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Engage your remote team during meetings.

Keep large video conferences organized

Slido helps you hear from lots of people at the same time without having them to speak up. By collecting their questions or ideas in advance, you can save time during the meeting and host more productive discussions.

Keep large video conferences organised.

New tools that are just a click away

What you get with our annual
business plans

Custom themes & branding

Customize Slido with your brand colors and upload your company logo.

Advanced privacy options

Protect your meetings with a passcode or an SSO authentication.

Professional onboarding

Get help from a dedicated specialist to maximize the value of your meetings.

Questions moderation

Review all incoming questions before your employees can see them.

Data exports

Download all your engagement statistics into Google Sheets or Excel files.

Team management

Invite colleagues to your Slido licence to allow them to create and manage their own events.

Ready to improve your
remote meetings?

Get started for free or unlock the advanced features for
as low as 15 a month, paid annually.

Works with your favorite tools

Slido for enterprise

Interact with employees across your organization with our enterprise‑ready features.

Explore Slido for enterprise
  • SSO for both employees and admins
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • 24/5 priority support via live human chat, calls and emails

Additional resources

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Get practical tips for engaging remote teams in a dedicated chapter of our Better All-Hands Meetings ebook.

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How to setup remote meeting

See how to setup remote meeting with Slido.

Run more engaging remote
meetings with Slido.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use Slido with my video conferencing tool?
You can integrate Slido with your presentation and run both from the same tab. Alternatively, you can open Slido in a separate tab and share your screen to show the top questions and live polling results.
Is our data secure with Slido?
We take data privacy very seriously. Our services are encrypted using SSL, both in transit and at rest. Slido is compliant with the latest industry standards including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, GDPR and other relevant laws and regulations. Learn more about our privacy policies.
What if my remote colleagues won’t use it?
There are several ways to increase the usage of Slido. First, make sure to introduce Slido in the meeting invite and encourage your team to participate. You can also kick-off the meeting with a quick icebreaker poll to get people onboard. Remember to address your remote colleagues repeatedly during the session and ask them to join the Q&A or voting.
Can I speak to someone to see if Slido would be a good fit for us?
Absolutely. Feel free to contact us via email or live chat 24/5 and we'd be happy to discuss how Slido can help you achieve your goals.