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Slido is now part of Webex

Create inclusive and interactive Webex meetings with the most powerful Slido integration to date.

Information icon.Included in all paid Webex plans

A man happy to see that the team positively voted for his initiative via Slido in Webex meeting.

What Slido brings to Webex Meetings

Live polls

to collect real-time feedback and interact with your attendees at scale

Audience Q&A

to give everyone a voice and run inclusive Q&A sessions


to test knowledge in an interactive way and make your content stick

Meet and interact in one place

It’s never been easier to collect ideas, opinions and feedback from your team. Slido lets you create polls in seconds and interact with everyone directly in your Webex Meetings.

How it works

2. Open Slido from Apps

Start your Webex meeting and launch Slido from the Apps button.

3. Create your polls or Q&A

Add and manage polls or Q&A directly from the Slido panel.

6 types of polls to engage your team

Whether you want to break the ice, check the understanding or put a decision up for a vote, we’ve got you covered.

Works before, during and after your meeting

You can use Slido outside of your meeting via a link. It’s a great way to collect questions ahead of time, get feedback afterward and include everyone who can’t join live.

Analyze the results post meeting

Get valuable insights into your meetings with Slido Analytics. Find out how many people were engaged and export your questions or voting results for further analysis.

Why use Slido

Create meaningful engagement

Interact with your participants at scale, whether you want to check understanding or get quick alignment on decisions.

Foster an inclusive culture

Make everyone on your team feel heard and connected, whether they’re shy, vocal, in the room or online.

Build stronger connections

Facilitate team bonding, create transparency, and build trust between leaders and employees.