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How CBS is facilitating an inclusive learning experience with instant feedback

Established in 1917, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe. Boasting a proud legacy in business education, CBS now caters to over 20,000 students at its campuses in Frederiksberg and Copenhagen.

The institution’s commitment to sustainability as well as cutting-edge learning technologies has allowed it to attract students from all over the world.

Learn how CBS is facilitating an inclusive learning experience with instant feedback.

In this story, Mads Larsen, a learning technologist from CBS’ Teaching & Learning team joins us to showcase how Slido is helping them facilitate instant feedback in classrooms.

Building a technology-enabled learning environment

Having adopted a student-centric approach to education, CBS’ mission is to “engage and activate the students to achieve academic competencies that are in demand by business and society.” The Teaching and Learning unit plays a key role in driving this mission by training the teachers to provide the best learning experience possible.

We continuously try to create new ways and develop existing ways to help our teachers interact with the students better, begins Mads whose day-to-day tasks include managing new and existing licenses for tools including Slido.

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Students who grew up immersed in this digital age anticipate continuous development and innovation in our teaching methods. The way they learn is different from how students learned back in the old days.
Mads Larsen, learning technologist, CBS
Mads Larsen, learning technologist, CBS

As a learning technologist, Mads’ role goes beyond facilitating software solutions. He’s heavily involved in ensuring the successful adoption of the tool among teachers. Mads does this by creating support material, offering workshops, and coaching teachers one on one. At times, he also reviews the new polls created by teachers.

At CBS we have a lot of medium (50-99 participants) to large lectures (100-450 participants) where it can be difficult for the teacher to start a discussion with students, he explains, adding that this is what encouraged them to pursue polling tools.

Embracing a culture of feedback

A key part of facilitating technology-enabled education lies in innovation. The Teaching & Learning unit regularly monitors the developments in the market within the tools they support and its strategic areas of focus.

Slido looked very intuitive and had most of the functions we needed. It is a great way to give the silent students a voice. Our teachers find that students are afraid to raise their hands. With Slido, they can answer questions anonymously and ask questions to the teacher. This helps our teachers to be aware whether they need to focus on explaining any specific part of the curriculum, says Mads, adding that Slido helps them facilitate instant feedback between teachers and students.

Learn how CBS is facilitating an inclusive learning experience with instant feedback.
Our students are always asking for more feedback. For us, this is a great way to provide it. Now they can easily see if they have understood the topic or if they need to revisit their books.
Mads Larsen, learning technologist, CBS

Meaningful learning experiences unlocked

CBS began its Slido journey almost 2 years ago with 25 users. They currently have 272 active users who use Slido to conduct over 434 lectures per quarter. Within its offerings of in-person classes, online classes and blended learning, CBS have been using Slido primarily in the in-person setting.

Almost every teacher who has tried Slido, especially in medium and large classes and lectures, is very happy about it and wants to continue using it. The feedback from students has been very good. In some cases, students now ask teachers why they don’t use polling and Q&A software in their lectures, Mads shares.

At the moment, CBS’ favorite features include polling through the PowerPoint integration as well as Q&A and quizzes. The upvoting feature has also been valuable for them while addressing recurring questions from students. Other key features on its radar are Microsoft Teams integration and Slido standalone.

Slido solves a challenge we have had for a long time in relation to activating the students, especially in large group lectures, as well as providing valuable feedback to both lecturers and the students in real time.
Mads Larsen, learning technologist, CBS
Learn how CBS is facilitating an inclusive learning experience with instant feedback.

As we wrap up, Mads tells us that CBS is resolute in its commitment to continue using Slido. We see polling and Q&A as an essential part of our tool offerings for our teachers as they help us to solve issues that are very important to us, he reiterates.

Top 3 benefits of using Slido

1. Improve students’ understanding

Assessing comprehension in real time and giving a voice to shy students.

2. Facilitating feedback

Getting immediate feedback and promoting engagement, especially in large classes.

3. Spark discussions

Enhancing class discussions by providing a platform for live polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions for both online and in-person audiences.

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