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How Nokia Engages Its Employees During Virtual Meetings with Slido

Slido helped us to give a voice to our audience. It made our communications more two-sided between our employees and leaders.
Viola Cserti, Communications and Change Manager
Viola Cserti, Communications and Change Manager at NOKIA.

Nokia is creating technology that connects people globally, offers a comprehensive portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing opportunities across the globe with its 106,000 employees in 100+ countries. The technology to keep everyone everywhere connected has never been more important.

The company is also a frontrunner in keeping its teams connected by hosting virtual meetings. One of their challenges during these calls was increasing participation and interaction. They wanted to spark up the engagement and that’s why they came to Slido.

In this story, communication experts at Nokia, Vera Kiss and Viola Cserti share how Slido helped their two communities in the operations department to drive engagement and give a voice to their employees.

A quest to increase engagement during all-hands calls

Even before the pandemic, Vera and Viola were streaming the organizations’ monthly and quarterly all hands call to share the latest updates from their leaders focusing on business and project updates, performance review and other current topics to engage with their teams.

During these all hands calls, they always reserved time for Q&A but before using Slido they had the challenge of having only very few, if at all, questions coming from the audience - even with up to five hundred people on the line.

This challenge partially came from the fact of not having the option to ask their questions anonymously or upvote an already existing question to express your support to a colleague’s question. This resulted in less interaction and relevance of content to the audience as the organizations ‘voice’ was not openly heard.

The teams needed a change and the aim was clear: engage more employees during the calls, create more interaction, let everyone see all questions and find a way to provide anonymity.

Slido helped us to meet all these goals. That’s why we love it.
Vera Kiss, Communications Manager
Vera Kiss, Communications Manager at NOKIA.

Changing the approach to employee questions with Slido

The first step was moving the all hands call Q&A to Slido to create a culture of transparency and provide an anonymous platform for Q&A.

One of Nokia’s core values is ‘respect’ and it plays an important role when employees are instructed on how to use only respectful language is allowed and questions that are related to the topics covered.

The unit leaders wanted to have an open and transparent way of tackling all the questions and comments coming from the audience, therefore Slido’s moderation feature is not in use.

Change can be hard and challenging but with the right tool and mindset they were able to create real time interaction during their virtual meetings and stayed true to Nokia’s culture of openness and transparency.

Employees value their openness.

Recently, the top voted comment was: Thanks to the leadership for taking all questions bluntly without moderation. People appreciate it.
Vera Kiss, Communications Manager

Building trust through openness and anonymity

When the time comes for the Q&A Vera and Viola start sharing the questions on full screen. They use top-rated selection to see what the hot topics are. The order of questions is quickly changing while more questions start to pop up.

While the original time for Q&A was extended from 10 to 20 minutes, as the active participation has been continuously increasing, some of the comments and questions need to be covered even after the call.

The visual aspect is a major benefit of Slido. You can highlight the current question, so people can see it while hearing an answer.
Viola Cserti, Communications and Change Manager
NOKIA uses Slido Q&A.

The next big step was bringing the polls in the picture

It's tough to keep our employees’ attention during virtual meetings, so Vera and Viola try to run a poll frequently to keep them engaged. The teams use polls mainly in three ways. For quick pulse checks, word clouds for internal employee recognition and to provide feedback from the session.

People post the name of a colleague whose work they would like to acclaim. It’s a powerful way to show gratitude and acknowledge your colleagues’ contribution.
Viola Cserti, Communications and Change Manager
NOKIA uses Slido wordcloud.

The result: Stronger bond between leaders and employees

Using Slido during virtual meetings has helped Nokia’s teams to energize their calls and boost interaction. It also helped the teams adapt to the fully virtual setup and strengthened their community during the pandemic.

Slido helped us to give a voice to our audience. It made our communications more two-sided between our employees and leaders.
Vera Kiss, Communication Manager, and Viola Cserti, Communications and Change Manager

These conversations continue after the meetings, too. Our communities became a lot more active as a result, Vera and Viola conclude smiling.

Top 3 benefits of using Slido

1. Giving employees a voice

Slido helps us make our communication with employees two-sided and fully transparent.

2. Displaying questions

Seeing the question makes it easier to keep track of the online discussion.

3. Anonymity

The option to ask anonymously makes people feel more comfortable to ask even difficult questions.

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