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Live polling

Run interactive presentations and meetings with a top-rated live polling tool. It’s fun, easy and requires no downloads.

  • Multiple choice
  • Word cloud
  • Quiz
  • Rating poll
  • Open text
  • Ranking poll
  • Survey

Wide range of polls to cover all your needs

See how it works

Try voting as a participant and see the results update in real-time.

Participant view

Host view

Capture and show the results live

Let your participants vote from any device using a link or QR code and display the results in real-time.

A person scanning QR code of a Slido meeting to cast a vote from his smartphone.

Analyze the results after your meeting

Review the voting results in Slido Analytics and export them to Excel, PDF or Google Sheets for further reference.

A person downloading analytics from Slido admin. Available options are: summary report, questions, replies to questions, ideas and poll results.

Add polls to your presentation or video tool

Get more from Slido polls

Add images to poll questions

Make polling more visual with images. Illustrate your topic, refer to a specific point or simply make your presentation more attractive.

Collect instant feedback with surveys

Combine multiple polls into a survey and collect input from your participants anytime during or after the session. Learn more

Popular use cases


Kick off your meeting with a fun icebreaker to lighten the mood.

Take a pulse check of the room

Find out how your participant feel before diving into your presentation.

Get feedback on your meeting

Check the effectiveness of your meeting or training session with a rating poll.

Make your next meeting more interactive with live polls.