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Live quizzes

Make learning more fun, dynamic and social with live quizzes.

A group of people having fun with Slido quiz, using their smartphones.

How it works

Create your live online quiz and let your participants vote from any device using a link or QR code – no logins needed.

Create a fun learning experience

Design a quiz with questions that fit the topic of your presentation or training. Add options and mark the correct answers.

Host and play

From conferences to meeting rooms to classrooms, bring out the competitive spirit and make learning more social and fun.

Announce the winners

Display the leaderboard with the top players and give your quiz a big finish!

Use Cases

Events & Meetings

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. Host a trivia quiz to create a fun and memorable experience.

Interactive Presentations

Break the ice, recap the content or make the delivery of your presentation more entertaining with a live quiz game.

Training & Lectures

Assessments don’t have to be boring. Wrap up the topic or evaluate participants’ learning with a quiz at the end of your session.

Key features


Display the top players and their scores.


Add an element of pressure by setting a time limit to answer a question.

The hardest questions

Discover which questions were the hardest and reveal their success rate.

Watch how it works

Make learning more
fun with live quizzes.