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Slido for Google Slides

Live polling and Q&A for Google Slides

Make your presentations more interactive with Slido’s intuitive Google Slides add-on.

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Presenting with animations, videos or speaker notes? Make sure to install our Chrome extension

"I find it very helpful for Q&A where folks are more comfortable asking tough questions anonymously. In a webinar, I use Google Slides, Zoom, and Slido and it all magically works together."

Gibson Biddle, Former VP of Product at Netflix

Create your polls directly
in Google Slides

Add a word cloud, quiz or survey into your presentation and display the results
seamlessly as you present. Engage in real time, all within your slides.

Choose from 6 distinct poll types and Q&A

From trainings to all-hands meetings, our polls and Q&A make capturing feedback and fostering engagement a breeze.

Share the results live with your audience.

100% attention. Zero switching

Keep everyone’s attention by simply clicking next slide. Slido will show up automatically and your participants can vote instantly from any device – no downloads or logins needed.

Share the results live with your audience.

Get started in 3 steps

1. Install the Slido add-on

Install the Slido add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace. Slido will then appear in the toolbar of your Google Slides.

2. Get the Chrome extension

This extension preserves your speaker notes, hides unwanted slides and ensures animations and videos work properly in your presentation.

3. Sign up for free or log in

Now just create your Slido account or log in and you’re ready to add live polls, Q&A or quizzes to your Google Slides.

What our customers say about
Slido for Google Slides

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We are able to make everyone feel like a part of the events, unifying the experience, in a seamless way, thanks to Slido’s Google Slides integration.
Mathilde Rimbert
Head of Internal Communications
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The ability to present the Slido Q&A from within a Google Slides deck is so convenient! So grateful for this integration, especially during an all-hands presentation.
Ivan David
Senior Program Manager
Rutgers logo.
For years, I’ve been trying to find a solution for creating interactive presentations without having to leave Google Slides. I can easily see any Google-using teacher or school finding Slido an essential add-on.
Joyce Valenza
Assistant Professor

How you can use polls in Google Slides

Take a pulse check of the room

Find out how your participants feel before diving into your presentation.

Collect questions or ideas

Collect and address the top questions, concerns or suggestions of your team.

Get feedback on your meeting

Check the effectiveness of your meeting or training session with a quick survey.

  • Seeking inspiration? Try our all-hands template

    Check out our presentation template for polling examples and tips on using the Slido integration in Google Slides.

  • google slidesMake your presentation more interactive with Slido.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why do I need the Chrome extension in addition to the add-on?
    Our Google Chrome extension ensures that your animations, transitions, videos, GIFs and speaker notes all work as they should while presenting.
    Can I collaborate with others on my Slido interactions?
    Yes, Editors in your presentation automatically get access to your Slido. If they have the Slido add-on installed, they can help you manage polls and Q&A as guests. Learn more about collaboration in Google Slides.
    What should I do if installing Slido Chrome extension is blocked for me?
    Ask your company admin to access Google Admin and adjust the settings to allow installation of the Slido extension. For a step-by-step guide, see this article.
    What to do if the sidebar says my presentation is linked to another account?
    If you created the presentation using a different account, try switching to that account. If you didn't, the original creator needs to invite you as a guest. Alternatively, you can duplicate the presentation to resolve this.
    Can I use Slido with imported .pptx files?
    Yes, you can. Start with a "blank" Google Slides presentation, click File > Import Slides, and upload your PowerPoint file. After selecting your slides, refresh the presentation and ensure the add-on is installed.
    I have other question or issue, where can I find help?
    Check our troubleshooting guide to resolve the most common issues or contact our Support team who is happy to help you out 24/5.