What do our meetings look like in 2021?

The last year has revolutionized the way we work and run our meetings. Have we kept up? We asked 1,500 remote workers to find out.

The online meeting revolution.

What will you find inside?

Keys to meeting brilliance

Discover the most intriguing stats and results of our field research and identify the barriers that keep you from running truly engaging meetings.

61% of US office workers believe online meetings can be more engaging than face to face meetings.

Get better returns on your meeting investment

It’s time to consider your return on meeting investment (ROMI). Are your meetings time-efficient? Are expectations communicated clearly? Do decisions get made?

4 in 5 home workers said they attend more meetings now than they would in the office.

3-Step action plan for better meetings

We teamed up with experts and crafted a full-on battle plan to help you embrace technology and hone the new skills necessary for running meetings your team will love.

54% of workers think their manager needs to get better at facilitating meetings.

Tips to democratize your meetings

Nobody needs to be left out, no ideas need to be lost. With the help of technology, you can make all voices heard and open the way to a diversity of ideas and opinions.

42% of attendees left a meeting without saying what was on their mind.

What do the experts say?

Video of Bruce Daisley talking about the power of diverse thinking.
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Ready to revolutionize your meetings?