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Empower your participants to ask questions, vote in polls and be a part of the discussion by using a simple Q&A and polling tool.

Engage your participants with live polls

Live polls are an easy yet powerful way to spark dialogue, check understanding and get instant feedback.
Choose any of our five distinct poll types and find out what people think in real time.
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"The poll answers help us direct how we teach and what we say. That's the power of Slido: the conversations are around what the audience wants to hear."

Bob Wilkie, Mental Health Coach & Founder of I Got Mind

Live Q&A

Host transparent and inclusive Q&A sessions

Give everyone a chance to ask and upvote questions, anonymously or with their names. Slido will help you address the most important topics at all-hands meetings, Ask Me Anything sessions or Q&As after presentations.

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"What’s great about Slido is that it’s democratic. You can easily see what’s the most important issue or the top themes according to your people. It’s also very transparent."

Victoria Lim, Head of People Communications at TomTom


Test people’s knowledge with interactive quizzes

Bring out a little competitive spirit at your team calls, trainings or lectures. Create a live quiz with a timer and leaderboard and deliver your content in a dynamic and interactive way.

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"Quizzes were the game changer for us. The competitive element got people interested in the content and took our participation from 40 up to 90 percent."

Brian Davenport, VP of Service at A1 Garage Door Service


Collect instant feedback with surveys

Surveys are a quick and effective way to get feedback on your presentations or monitor your team's sentiment. Collect responses before, during or after your meeting and analyze the results all in one place.

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"In one word: Awesome. We had 30 active participants of all ages in the room and never before it was so easy and fun to get honest feedback we can really build on."

Pedro Miguel Ahlers, CX Business Architect at SAP


Measure your meeting engagement in analytics

Capture key takeaways from your meetings with Slido Analytics. Measure participant engagement, understand Q&A sentiment, share your poll results or generate data reports with our easy to use tools.

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"The post-event analytics was so much easier to work with [than former survey tools] and acted as a measurable result of the engagement."

Aaron Williams, Communications Manager at Cisco

Connected to your favorite tools

Integrate Slido with your presentation or video conferencing tool and create a seamless experience for you and your participants. Explore our integrations

Slido for Enterprise

Drive engagement across your organization with our enterprise-ready features. We follow recognized security and compliance standards and provide SSO, dedicated Success Managers, user management features and more.

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Control who can access Slido with SSO, passcode or other privacy settings.

Image polls

Add a custom image to your poll question or choose from our Pexels and Giphy libraries.

Make your next
meeting more interactive.