Slido Switcher

Use our free Switcher app to seamlessly switch between Slido and your presentation

Slido Switcher. Play video.

How Switcher works

With Slido Switcher, you can display polls or questions on top of your presentation using your smartphone as a remote control.

  • and log in to Switcher with your existing Slido account.
  • Start your presentation in fullscreen.
  • Log in to your account on a mobile device to switch between Slido and your slides or use a keyboard shortcut .
How Switcher works.

Where you can use Switcher


Whether you’re leading a meeting, training or presentation, Switcher makes it easy to switch between your slides and Slido.

Small Events

No AV team? No problem. Switcher allows you to easily switch between Slido and the speakers’ presentations.

Events with multiple tracks

Switcher is ideal for breakout sessions, where there is only one computer to display content.

Additional resources

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How to set up Switcher

Get our handy one-pager with all the important steps to using Switcher.

Integrate Slido with your slides.