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Trust as innovation

Trust is the innovation to implement. Learn why and how US senior leaders lead with
trust in this day and age. Find actionable strategies and insights in our report on
fostering a high-trust culture.

The book called Great Meetings, great cultures.

Who we surveyed

18 VPs and Directors

from enterprise organizations in the US

with 10+ direct reports

Here’s what the leaders told us:

Trust is the bedrock of a great culture

While our respondents named many aspects that constitute a positive workplace culture, they all touched upon a single most important foundation: trust.

Quote by Vice president of Manufacturing and Engineering. If trust is not there you cannot have a positive culture. End of quote.

Culture starts at the top

You as a leader play a central role in driving the company culture. But your employees actively influence how it’s being done. This comes down to how you communicate and how you run meetings.

Quote by Vice president of Finance. You can't define culture if you're not going to be the culture. End of quote

Your meetings reflect your culture

Our research participants all agreed that it is at meetings that culture shows, for better or worse. What might seem as an unnecessary icebreaker can break hierarchies and build trust in the long run.

Quote by Senior manager of Finance. There's connection between meetings and trust. End of quote

Discover how to lead with trust
in today’s world.